Not Funded, But Not Dead… Just Delayed.

It’s been a week since the funding deadline for my Kickstarter Project passed. Unfortunately, I didn’t reach my funding goal. I’ve had people ask if I still plan to travel to and photograph all the county highpoints in Utah. People have said they think it would be a great trip. I happen to agree with them. I’ve even had people say they’d love to come with me on a peak or two.  At this point, I still plan to do the trip, it’ll just take longer. Probably a few years instead of a few months. My goal was to have the trip be my full time job and be what I focused my time and efforts on. Because the Kickstarter Project didn’t reach it’s goal, the trip has changed to what I’ll do when I have extra time and resources. If you have any interest in this project, checkout the website or the Facebook page every now and then. You never know when something may pop up.

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