Bridger Peak…not today.

A quick ride to the Forest Service road that leads to Bridger Peak revealed that there’s still a lot of snow in the high country. No real surprise, but it was still fun to go up and check.

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  1. Head to the base of Sacagawea Peak in the Bridger Range that is 28 miles north of Bozeman (the Fairy Lake Campground and Trailhead is where to go). The lake itself is a stunning glacial green but the prize is the trek to the Sacagawea Peak that is short yet steep and gains almost 2,000 feet in elevation. There can be snow even in the middle of summer since this is a popular backcountry ski area. Mountain goats are often sighted on the trail and the views of the Crazy Mountains, the Spanish Peaks, and the Tobacco Roots can be enjoyed from the summit of the peak.

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